Mindset & Language

the perfect match

Fuel your passion for language and personal growth, reshape your mindset and dive into a world that will definitely challenge your thinking.

Your journey starts right here...

What's it all about?

  • Engaging content: Immerse yourself in captivating world-renowned mental coaching books. Explore topics such as Personal Development & Growth, and Goal Setting, while honing your language skills.
  • Real-Life Conversations: Our course is designed to prioritize conversation. Engage in discussions based on thought-provoking chapters from books or cutting-edge articles from the Harvard Business Review, tailored to your preferences.
  • Experienced Trainers: Benefit from skilled facilitators who guide your language journey.

Your benefit

  • Personal Add-on: Expand your vocabulary and enhance your communication skills while gaining valuable insights for personal growth.
  • Flexibility for You: Tailor the course to suit your schedule and preferences. Choose from book chapters or articles, and let the conversation flow naturally to maximize your language learning experience.
  • Unlock Your Fluency: Speak confidently and effortlessly. Our approach focuses on helping you speak without hesitation, allowing you to express yourself freely and without fear.
  • Learn Unconsciously: Through engaging discussions, internalize the language naturally, enabling you to speak without conscious effort.

For me personally it's the perfect match...

I'm incredibly happy and grateful to have discovered this wonderful approach to language learning. In the constant search of meaningful material to make the trainings more effective, I found this to be one of the most exciting ways.
For more than 12 years I have been reading a lot of inspiring books that changed my way of thinking and that made and still make me grow and see things from a far different perspective. 
I love the combination of language learning while at the same time getting those valuable insights and inspirations from world famous authors in the field of mindset and motivation as well as from highly interesting articles from the Harvard Business Review
So, fuel your passion for language and personal growth, reshape your mindset and dive into a world that will definitely challenge your thinking. 
To get started write me to zmeqzfd.rnkdkhmftz@zs and I'll get in touch with you!


Looking very much forward to hearing from you


La Vita è bella...
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